UNIDEE in progress 2012

Many MANY congratulations to UNIDEE 2012!!!! and all of those who collaborated and worked with us. Here are some images from our highly successful open studio on Friday 5 October.

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photos by margavp with additional material from Shah Zaman

illy can news

UNIDEE Resident Shah Zaman has been awarded the illy CAN prize for 2012 with the following project:

“With the illy CAN prize the artist will initiate an Art projects based in the Thar Desert of Pakistan.
He will work with the children of a little village on a photography project for about one month. He will teach them photography and will also give them some equipment. In this village most of the children don’t get even a basic education because they have no school nearby, or they have to walk more than 15 kilometres through the desert to get to the nearest school. By selling the photos of this project, he’ll try to raise enough money to employ a school teacher for the village.

lets talk about football and women

“lets talk about football and women” is a project by UNIDEE resident Ayman Alazraq he is arranging a football match with altered rules between the members of the CGIL (workers rights group of Biella) and the CNA (National Artisan Confederation) in Villaggio La Marmora (via Caviglia, Biella) at 19.30 on Monday 1st October – free admission – be there if you can!

match practice – all photos by Ayman Alazraq

“Focusing on the current social and economic situation in Biella and the influence of football on Italians has been at the heart of my project, which resulted in a football game being performed. I used this idea to bring people from different social contexts into direct interaction.”  Ayman Alazraq

more studio life

Alecia Neo doing in her words “bad Chinese writing”! she is currently working on 2 pieces:  Made in Italy and Lessons with Mao

Meghna Singh works on objects for her work The Tomb of the Unidentified:

Karl Logge, practices archery for his forthcoming work The Target in Darkness:

Ayman Alazraq rips fabric in preparation for his forthcoming work Lets Talk about Football and Women:


To see more about these and other works by the residents of UNIDEE 2012,  come to Cittadellarte, via Serralunga 27, Biella on 5 Oct 2012 from 6.00pm for our open studio day of keep checking into this blog!

lets talk about bread

UNIDEE resident Angela Henderson has been working on a site specific work in a now relocated artisanal bakers nearby Cittadellarte in Via Italia, part of her installation process involved opening up the now gutted premises and inviting the public to come and write their personal stories and anecdotes relating to bread.

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Inno al Pane (Hymn to Bread) is a site specific installation and video work located in a former panificio. Activating cross-cultural narratives through the exchange of memories around bread-making, the value of human connection is centrally positioned.  Angela Henderson

one to ones with michelangelo pistoleto

One to one meetings between the UNIDEE 2012 residents and Michelangelo Pistoletto to talk about their work and projects:

…with Alecia Neo

…with Marta Romani

…with Dina Karaman

…with Angela Henderson

…with Hektor Mamet

studio life

Life continues apace in the UNIDEE studio…and out…

marta and ayman play football while hektor tries to do some serious work!

meghna loves her mummy!

shah photographs!

karl gets zen with archery

marta, the bow and some mountains

trying to define art with michelangelo

hektors rotating platform with human figure (meghna)

hektor mindmaps EVERYONE!!!

michelangelo appreciates at karl’s drawings

OK.. so this summer its mostly been blue skies and sunshine…but the occasional stormy sky is much more picturesque!

UNIDEE in progress 2012, 5 October…save the date!

YES ITS THAT TIME OF YEAR AGAIN FOLKS! On 5 October UNIDEE IN PROGRESS will be opening up our studio spaces to the public alongside Cittadellarte’s annual exhibition Arte al CentroA Life in Common, collective exhibition by Cittadellarte and STEALTH.unlimited (Ana Dzokic and Marc Neelen), ARTInRETI. Art Practices & Urban Transformation in Piedmont, curated by Cecilia Guida, Paolo Naldini, Juan Sandoval, Ri-partire dalla paglia, curated by n.o.v.a civitas and the Collezione FRAC Piemonte – Regional Contemporary Art Fund Memory and place disclosed, collective exhibition curated by Lucrezia Cipitelli. See you there!

UNIDESCO photo gallery

For more about UNIDEE and UNIDESCO in La Pigna,  click here and here.

Photography by Margavp, extra photography by Alecia Neo and Karl Logge. Click on thumbnails for a better look:

what happened in La Pigna

UNIDEE became UNIDESCO for our one week stay in La Pigna, Sanremo, this August (20-27). We worked on this project with STEALTH.unlimited and were also greatly helped by a previous workshop with Borut Šeparović. The film below is a visual record of some of the things that happened…

Film/photography and edit by Margavp
extra photography by Alecia Neo and Karl Logge
Music – “Dumbeek Dance” by Pete Calandra freeplaymusic.com

…but to get the full picture,  please click on the thumbnails:

UNIDEE in la pigna: context

UNIDESCO in La Pigna

UNIDESCO daily ritual

UNIDESCO public presentation