studio life

Life continues apace in the UNIDEE studio…and out…

marta and ayman play football while hektor tries to do some serious work!

meghna loves her mummy!

shah photographs!

karl gets zen with archery

marta, the bow and some mountains

trying to define art with michelangelo

hektors rotating platform with human figure (meghna)

hektor mindmaps EVERYONE!!!

michelangelo appreciates at karl’s drawings

OK.. so this summer its mostly been blue skies and sunshine…but the occasional stormy sky is much more picturesque!

3 responses

  1. Lindsay L Benedict | Reply

    wow, these pictures are great!!! what a crazy variety of energies and images and actions….what the hell is going on over there??!! xoxo

    1. just your everyday end of residence fervour!

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